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About eTajir

ETajir inception took place this year in the city of historical influences Lahore, Pakistan. It is an ecommerce portal for consultancy and leading brands of B2C and B2B.

The foremost aim of eTajir is to facilitate flexible solutions to the client’s business needs. It also seeks to offer short and long term businesses; where we help clients to build their business by taking our help and get going with a project. On the other hand, the long terms opportunity in business empowers the client to work more freely without much tension by hiring our services to support the business. It majorly involves execution and delivery of a particular projects on the behalf of clients.

Our mission is to keep it swift and smart.

The eTajir Experience

Complete dedication to delivering value.


Fast & Efficient

We bring together experienced digital specialists to deliver high quality projects, working smartly to get projects live quickly and efficiently.


Digital Expertise

We have more than 16 years’ ecommerce and digital marketing expertise and our associate consultants are specialists in their fields.


Your Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality customer service, keeping you informed with reliable and prompt communication.

Our Services

Digital Strategy

Good execution starts with a clear strategy. I help companies make sense of the digital landscape.

Design and UX

Helping you to define how to delight your online customers across devices and channels.


Finding the devil in the detail to ensure you ask the right questions when committing to a project.

Social & PR

Creating a targeted communication & content plan to help spread your brand messages and build relevant  networks.


Working with your teams to identify content marketing needs and create & distribute high quality campaigns.


Helping you understand what mobile users need and creating a realistic development roadmap to deliver this.

Digital Training

Using our knowledge and experience to help improve your in-house digital capabilities.


Helping you plan, implement & measure digital marketing campaigns for acquisition and retention.

Web Analytics

Putting data behind decisions to help ensure you have your business analysis and reporting needs covered.